As many grains you can put in a basket,

Are going to Hell in a cozy casket!

Do they know?  Have they heard good news of God’s life?

Been proclaimed by you?  Escaping the strife?



Or do you just let the Preacher do it?

Sure, he is paid well!  Can you refute it?

But are we now showing the love of Jesus?

Proclaiming freedom, the One who frees us?



Glorious freedom, freedom to tell

Others about escaping the Hell.

Prepared for Satan and all his kin.

All who prefer the palace of sin.

Blinding, enslaving, imprisoning within.



But if  joy of new life fails to show,

Do not just forget it!  You know where to go!

To find renewal of joy, love, right away,

You know what to do, good reason to pray!



“Then will I teach transgressors Thy ways

And sinners shall be converted.”(*)  To stay!

When a right spirit renewal within

Begins and you find new victory over sin!

Praise God!



(*) Psalms 51:9-15



the Sam 10.25.12

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