“Lion of the tribe of who else?”

But Jesus!  The Christ crucified!

Prince of Peace!  The Lamb of God!

Who gave His life for all, died!



Now, hear His roar!  “It is finished!”

As submitting to cruel death,

Death on a cross.  Slow.  Torturous!

But triumphant the cry, with last breath!



“Man of Sorrows.”  Can you imagine?

Acquainted with grief all His life?

Resting in deserts, pillow a stone.

Suffering through stoning and strife!



His cry through such torture, challenging,

On a cross dying in shame.

So torturous, designed for worst criminals!

Very worst!  Not just in name…



Like, rapists, killers, the very worst,

Like, Barabbas, the one released.

“Free this one,” religious crooks yelled,

“Crucify!”  Barabbas freed!



Tragic death this man of sorrows!

Yet the Barabbas in me and,

You, for us, this Christ-man  d i e d!

Cannot think to any degree–



 Of hypocrisy of any kind,

Consummating mad!

Insanity.  Most terrible joke!

World has ever had!



Than God the Son as worst criminal

Man can ever imagine,

Dangling by nails!  For all of us!

Even that religious one.



Caiaphas, of the high priestly order,

They, all of them, leering there.

“He saved others, let Him save himself!”

John, Mary, so sad.  Fair.



Worshiping, full knowing why He died!

Sinners freed from death and hell

Receive not rejecting Christ of God!

Full knowing that all is well!



the Sam  10.25.12

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