The Apostle admonishes, “Grow in Grace!”

In service for the Lord!

Suggesting that there is no growth

If service we cannot afford!



Growth and service go hand in hand.

Not the one without the other!

We are not growing if we do not serve,

Like, helping a weaker brother.



Or service of some other sort,

Countless chores can be named!

The Pastor who is not naming them

Is surely to be blamed!



Many just, “Preaching the Word,”

Assuming, “This is it!”

Assuming identity only,

Glove just does not fit!



To fit one for the Kingdom of God,

No!  There is work to do.

“Not just works lest any should boast!”

But salvation, it is true!



However, we must identify

With the Christ who died.

Admonishing there is work to do!

For Jesus, the  crucified!



“Work the works of righteousness while,”

This life’s day so short.

Called we are to establish the fact

Saved!  And not to abort!



“Work!  For the night is coming.”  When

Man can work no more!

“The Lord is my portion, says the soul,

Therefore, I will hope in Him!” (*)



(*) Lamentations 3:24



the Sam just quoted!  10.23.12


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