I thread back, like, some ninety-some

Years when mother and dad had me, since

6 months of age, why recalling?  India bound, of course, a prince,

Prince of Wales, so long ago!  Remember well the time

King George the IV with three before Him, I think,

Sure, I recall, thanks to Britishers.  The link!



Older brother, father and mother, Miss Terrel came along,

Herbert Henry Cox, full name, and Miss Tefrit, so full of song!

Sure, why I sing wherever I go?  The hymns I love the best!

Knit way inside me!  But popular worldly, you can forget!



But on that hill so far away, stood

That Old Rugged cross,

Emblem of suffering and shame!

Hanging there suffering loss!



Man’s sins to atone.  Everywhere

Red, the yellow, black, and white.

Like, children searching for pleasure

Dying in wrong, not right!



The wrong preferred the sinful pleasures

For dying, going to Hell!

Rejecting eternal treasure

In Heaven with  angels to dwell–



With the Christ who died to save all!

Nailed there on that cross,

Many now who know no bettter

Die!  Suffering the loss!



Are we to blame?  Failing to tell

Those rejecting the name

Jesus, Heaven, lost – place of Hell.

Can just bow our heads in shame!



Pleading guilty, the Sam  10.20.12

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