Of  fish  species in the waters,

That is different kinds, my son.

Countless!  Just who can count them?

But God names every one!



While animals, not microscopic,

Cannot be counted!  True!

Or named!  Those above the waters

I cannot!  Can you?



While the stars in God’s endless space,

And planets way, way out there…

Mars, it is the nearest I can see,

Is dimmer but still fair!



Then Neptune, waters cover so much!

The fixed land, small by compare.

Who knows if there ever can be any

Creatures way out there!



Then there is Jupiter, really huge one,

And could it be the land

God has made to house the redeemed?

Heaven’s golden strand!



Do not know, of course!  And who am I to

Even contemplate?

Cannot figure at all and that is why

God is never out of date!



Trust Him!  You know He is trustworthy!

Fish He guides through the sea,

How much more important then

To God are you and me!



the Sam considers  10.19.12

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