The world as predicted on the TV

Is in far worse shape than reality!



God still rules this old universe

If it were not so,

The complete chaos that would exist,

Impossible to know!



Prophesied great tribulation

Exactly how it would be!

Profound in truth the chaotic state

Without security!



Murders in excess even now,

Cause for contemplation,

But when the Holy Spirit is leaving

Woe to every nation!



No law, complete the chaos

In existence everywhere!

Legalized arms for everyone!

With legalized hate everywhere!



Sure do not want to miss the rapture!

Devastation unheard!

“Take me home, Dear God!”  I pray!

Safety in Him!  That is the word!



Just how can anyone doubt the love

Of Creator God up above?

This fantastic land He is given us all,

Before and ever since our parents fall!



the Sam, is guilty, also…  10.18.12

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