Once fog has lifted clear away,

Thus revealing a sunny day.

Fog 0f sin, can we not see?

What Jesus did for you, for me?



He took it all upon Himself,

Leaving the comfort of that shelf,

Of joy of peace, bright realms above!

Left it all for men, it is called love!



Did He have to leave home, heaven?  No!

Did God, over all, command go?

His comfort secure as all can see.

Did he not leave all just for me?



And you?  And no answers can remain,

Tell me, who on earth could then disdain

The desire for joy evermore?

To remain in heavens’  blissful shore!



Can any then imagine this,

Leaving all, yes, heavenly bliss?

To suffer with sinful people below,

Who really cannot tell which way to go!



Loving the sin they are living in!

Cannot see clearly to live within,

Realms of peace and joy that Christ shows!

That we can have as river flows.



Joy supreme can anyone know?

Christ makes promise to us below!

“Take up your cross and follow me!”

To know real joy everlastingly!



the Sam 10.01.12

2 thoughts on “PEACE LIKE A RIVER

  1. Lauren says:

    Yes, we have to keep at it, don’t we ;D At some point in time, we all have to deal with pain, life is like that~ We have to remember we aren’t alone —–Sherry-I love seeing it through yours and others! We just need to keep reminding ourselves ;D Thank you! Wanda-Hi, I know it is clever and makes one think :DJanet-I know you do…I have seen it and read it! I so hope you will do a book, someday! 😀 Thank you;——Hank-I feel the same way, when I read your poems! We all are richer, the more we share. Everyone has a gift, so happy to be a blogger and see all the amazing talent! Mind altering 😀 Alex-Thank you Captain, you are too kind! 😀 GreenSpeck-Thank you! 😀 Ink-Thank you so much and help yourself! I love quotes ;D

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