Sure, it is all he said, “Remember Me,”

And Jesus answered, “This day…”

But is that all,  those simple words?

No, much more had to say!



This day age we are living in,

All so clipped, made short.

Now time we begin to wonder,

What did we then abort?



First criminal the other cross

Now repentant exclaimed,

Remember me when you come to reign!

“This day in Paradise, you are named!”



Already repentant?  How can you tell?

He rebuked the other, read Luke 23:39-42,

Luke tells you the story complete!

We die for other crimes, committed!



We receive due reward for our crimes!

Remembering, He returned!

Repentant in time, he is crying out

Better confess then be burned!



Try to imagine his agonized scream!

“Please, Lord, remember me!”

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.

This day with me you will be!



On that cross, look, remembering, too.

Tremendous the joy you felt!

Turning away from sin, all that bad,

And felt the hardness melt!



Ecstatic the joy!  Forgotten the pain!

Rebukes now the other one,

“We suffer for wrongs we have committed!

This innocent man, no wrong done!”



Innocent man, sure, he remembers,

Of course, never forgot!

Followed me through W. W. II protected,

Even when the wrong I sought!



I saw, I felt the wrong I had committed,

So bad the wrong, the sins!

Also, I saw guiding my return,

Closer walk came back in!



Through every pain, wrong things I had sought,

Loving the sins I had lived.

Repentant then near old age, I cried,

Know what He said?  “I forgive!”



the Sam 09.19.12

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