Painful, sleepless that sacrifice, wide awake counting the stars.

He put them all there!  Man just named them, there is Mars.

Antares, way, way out there!  Hard to see, may be a planet soon!

Maybe that will be home for the redeemed!  I know it will not be the moon!



Antares, huge!  Big enough to house all redeemed of every age!

Though Spirits will not need housing at all!  Shall we now turn the page?

This guy, Sam, a dreamer for sure!  But consider, is he not close?

Don’t know very much, dreams a bunch.  No, not yet comatose!



Conjecture?  But dreaming, of course!  Sure, it is okay to dream!

Counting of sheep far less arduous but do not intend to demean!

We the sheep of His pasture!  “All we like sheep have gone,

Far astray and have turned everyone to his own way.”  Way upon–



Each other in hate and warring, but the “Lord has laid on Him

Iniquity of us all!”  In that far off age so dim!

But not so distant, not far at all!  Sure, have we not all turned?

Foreigners against other foreigners and in hate all burned!

Against the wrong, or right as seen, and what have we learned?



Not a whole lot!  World just too small!  And what of Heavenly home?

All loved ones there and I will soon but I am not alone!

Whole bunch of family, long gave up the counting!

All bound for Heaven and the Host is mounting!



Please, Jesus!  I must greet them all in Our Heavenly Home!

Believing, draw still closer to You!  That cross will not stand alone!

Sure, suffering  comes!  As sickness goes,

With these, no friends or foes!



If the Sam can do it, you can, too!



the Sam 9.18.12

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