The forever shows up proudly

As looking way up.

See the everlasting sky there,

At least half of it, enough–



To know the rest is on the other side.

This whirligig of space!

Seems, like, forever but only a bit,

Of God’s foreverness!



Was I in the mind of God from the start?

Sure!  But there is no such word.

The Eternal God had me always in mind,

Or have not you heard–



That we are Eternal everlasting,

Eternal God had me pegged!

From times inception, “Let us make man”

Of course, long before he begged–



For attention and mother’s milk, but

You know we have to start.

And for this reason there is a beginning

And time’s inception, a part–



Of living, beginning and end!

So are we human or not?

But consider premise of always!

Everness!  What we have got!



Is not everness way too presumptuous,

That our small minds can construe?

Any thought of the always before our

Thinking became true.



Way too disruptive perhaps,

But could we agree on this?

That we will live forever,

In hell or eternal bliss?



Let’s just leave it at this,

God knows the end!

That is no end at all!

Everlasting this one determines our rise or fall!



Of course, He knows the where and how

This I can know, too!

To be with Jesus everlasting

Once I depart this zoo!



Jesus left the Eternal to show


That man did not have to stay below,

Can live eternally in that fair land!



the Sam  Monday, 08.29.12

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