Meaning now of Jesus, as Savior, exactly why He came!

Came to save mankind from their sin.  Death involved the same!

Same Savior who died to save sinners,

Fed five-thousand in a day!



Also, healed many sick and afflicted, say that is not,

That is not why He came below, came to save from sin!

To die!  This was His priority!

To make mankind whole again!



Deliberate action, one must die!  Since sins wages is so!

He, Christ, assumed sins of all, all who would on Him call!

Born of God, Adam, the first to sin, and this in a garden fair!

All conducive to happiness, was to be found there!



Examination, why not this tempting fruit?

To sin today is tempting, too!

But deliberate disobedience to One

Who commanded, what not to do!



A test was it He put to mankind?

Particularly a test!

Would he obey his Maker and God?

Or the temptation, which is best?



Not the question in Adam’s mind,

Appearing pleasant, sure, desire!

I want, I will take, this is man’s sin!

Wanting we conspire!



Conspire, meaning to go against,

With no malice of forethought.

Simple desire, I must have!

And that is what Adam sought!



A sin today, I must have her.

In your dreams, just as real!

Or I will get it, I must have it!

Desire, what is wanted,  feel!



In your heart strong desire works,

Contesting, “Thou shalt not!”

Stronger the urgency,  disobey!

Satan gives what he got!



Of course, the Sam  08.23.12

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