Call it insane or whatever you like!

When I left my comfort zone.

Home it was called, slept, ate 3 meals a day,

To wander out there alone.



Soon ran out of the pittance I carried,

Saw a church with a grave, I slept on.

So different this grave, like, a smiling Saint,

Beaconing, come and rest upon.



Slept about an hour on its grassy smoothness,

Woke up cold, a sweater was it!

It was all I wore barely sufficient

To keep the cold out, bit.



Dark as inside that grave with eyes closed,

And night was pitch!  Felt my way

To the road, even darker, gravel it was

Grass by the gravel I lay.



Long as my foot felt gravel and grass

On that straight road, secure!

But then it curved, could not help wondering,

How long can this pilgrim endure?



Kept curving until a light appeared,

Could make out homes in the dark,

And a friendly café light, far side of town

My spirits soared!  Ala-carte!



Sure, quickened my steps toward that light,

While scouts kept taking lead.

Then I was promoted you might know!

Should have stayed in bed!



Wandering thoughts, of course, story of my life!

Recalled all this in Negros,

Philippine Islands, W. W. II, at night

Helmets as pillows, good pillows.



What next?  Wandering thoughts?  The ministry,

Pastoring for 30 more years,

Clear across this fine country of ours!

Many churches and many tears!



Whatever you call it but call it right!

I wandered with wandering afar!

Soon heaven, this wanderer is roaming no more!

Except to visit the stars!



And then what, you think our sky is big?

Just wait until you see God prepared,

Endlessness, no problem to us,

As Spirits, already there!



Of course, the Sam will soon discover!

Today is 08.22.12

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