Silly to ask, look at that monkey.

He does not just climb trees,

“Monkey shines!”  Have you heard tell?

Imitates all he sees!



Right in the sand, a varmint there,

Suppose God made him, too?

And sharks, terrifying the deep,

Devils of the depth, storm through!



Dread of the seas, sure, sharks plentiful!

Fearful, ready, look out there!

With the look of savage greed ready,

Bloody jaws, no care!



But it was a big fish that swallowed Jonah!

And his ticket onto dry land.

Sure, he knew that God was not kidding

When slimy and white on that sand!



Those monstrous fish

Garbage collectors, clear water, I recall well.

Untroubled starfish 20-feet down,

Dumagette, Negros, tell!



Dove in one night, near scared silly,

This monstrous, huge fish waiting,

To gobble me up is what I thought.

I swirled and out!  I am not baiting!



Told natives there, they laughed,

“They just garbage collectors, they not mean.

Just keep the waters clean!”



Told them about Jonah, His big fish!

Surprised they wanted to know,

“When this happen?”

So I told them, “Oh, so long ago!”



Was I a missionary then?

No, just Army Services, ever so long ago.

No, not a missionary then in Army Service

World War II, years ago!

Top-most Island in the Philippines.

Half-way through combat row!



A silly poem do not you suppose?

Oh, it happened!  Sure true!

Do you suppose God allows stupidity?

Sure!  Look at me and you!



All trivia aside, do not you believe

There is ever laughter in Heaven?

Why suppose then that bold monkey up there

Or invented the number 7?



No, this silliness not becoming at all!

Did I fall out of that tree?

Sure, see myself in that mirror again.

Monkey looks back at me!



monkey – sam, me – Sam  08.20.12

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