ISAIAH 40:31

“They that wait upon The Lord,

Shall renew their strength.

Shall mount up with wings like eagles.

Shall run and not be weary.

Shall walk and not faint.”



Cannot run no more, fact my walk is stooped!

Slow with tiny, short steps!  Staggering,

But do not you know, there is coming a day,

I will walk straight without stumbling!



In fact fly with angels!  Look mom, no wings!

Maybe even be limitless!

Not unlike flyers in heaven, no death

Up there, I read, endless!



May not be too long, but must have patience.

I think God wants more poetry,

But many people do not care for verse, hey, good enough for me!

David’s Psalms plumb full of it!  Though not the rhyming kind.

But it is poetry, nonetheless, none better can one find!

Easy to read!  I find devotional time more pleasurable anymore!

Just think, will compare with King David, once I ascend to that shore!



Guess I can wait, knowing it is where I will go.

Still have to write about!

Leave that drawer plumb full of poetry!

Talk about singing and shout!



Will any other thing be able to promise,

More abjectly purposeful

Than the poems of David and me, also?

Promising the delightful–



City of God!  Sure and country, too.

Swim in that crystal clear river

Of life, if that is all I care to do.

Sharks, crocodiles?  None ever!



No so much more in that land,

Incomparable with any.

You must have thought of this place God is giving!

But the difference, not even funny!



Complete, absolutely incomparable!

And space?  Forevermore!

Plumb limitless the forever-ness!

That indescribable shore!



No God did not make a junkyard full,

For drunken derelicts!

He built a man!  A perfect machine,

But human as God predicts!



And someday all perfection!



the Sam, imperfect still  08.16.12

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