Memories, some good, some not so,

Nighttime, thoughts of the past.

A flirt, so when I was not

Just living way too fast!



Thrills of the heart!  No not of spills,

Them I could, like, take in stride!

But of the love life, not always good,

Sure, that mad, whirling ride!



Broken hearts, both sides mostly,

Rightly not love at all!

But pure lust, unclean, of the flesh!

Contributing to my fall!



After the orgy what is left?


Sheer forgetting that God is love!

Never intimidation!



His love is always everlasting!

Harlotry everywhere!

All there required, a contrite heart!

Godly sorrow, He is there!



What did Christ do?  One caught in sin,

Lifted the trembling hand,

Forgiven, yes!  “Go and sin no more.”

Hoe can any understand?



Such love?  Understand or never,

It is available!

The harlot, the thief on the cross,

Our God is willing and able!



Pharisee shrugs, “They will do it again.”

Some today, just the same!

Limiting God’s power to cleanse,

Seeing only man’s frame!



I believe my God of love wept!  When

Judas took his own life.

Self-incrimination not quite enough!

Must believe to end the strife!



Just “Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ,

And you will be saved!”

Take me now, the Spirit cries, as

New life, the Spirit craves!



Sure, the Sam but the Bible said it first!  08.15.12

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