He lived as a mas, the desert not kind!

Cold nights counted stars, like, any man!

But unlike any, He placed them all there.

Lived a man’s life, this He chose to do!

Left peace of Heaven!  How this construe?



Love for a lost world, so unspeakable!

Love, the holiest!  Unimpeachable!

Made us!  Loved us!  Oh, yes, sinful man.

Suffered for us, died as no man can!



One God, but God the Son, He chose to die!

The man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!

Why did He do it?  Sure, beyond belief.

How, unlike any, His love for fallen man,

Believe Him and live!  As the Angels can!



Delight in God, The Creator!  I see,

Miracle worker, so man crucified!

I am a man, oh, yes!  For me He died!

On a cross, sure, the very vilest of  all.

Chosen to die there and cannot you see?

He became the vilest, certainly for me!



Murderers, killers, myself, everyone!

Listen up!  From Heaven!  This is God’s Son!

No slimy creature on that cross tree.

Holiest from Heaven, Holy Angels bowed low!

Of course, just hate from that pit down below!

Sure, all of us have fallen, especially me!



the Sam 08.14.12

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