We live as if this day is the end,

Nothing after this life.

If that is so we are a miserable lot,

End it in battle and strife!



As I tried, way back in W. W. II,

Yes, flaunting the enemy.

“Here, come get this grenade, up for grabs,”

They back behind those trees.



They saw, they came, sure, just 2 of them,

I stayed awake, the rest slept on.

Two enemy silently trod the night,

While I, my vigil kept on.



I had set a trap just a hand grenade,

As I held another, too.

Tossed it, sure, they both went off!

What else could they do?



Screams of displeasure from the enemy camp,

Jap Officer sure displeased.

Of course, he had guessed what happened to them,

Lead poison from them trees.



Far to the right, some G.I. exclaimed,

“Oh, it’s just, Sam!” he said.

Sure, I guess they knew me pretty well,

As next to Squad Leader I slept.

(Separate fox holes, of course.)



I guess he knew me and trusted,

That I would not endanger the rest.

Stupid stunts, like, tossing grenades,

He slept on, I had passed the test.



Of course, war!  And I was caught in it,

I was, like, twenty-eight.

Way way back, course while rest of you

Were not even out of the gate.



Man on a train just recently,

As he was walking by,

Smiled, then said thank you!  Did he know?

That it was World War II that I–



Had experienced so long long ago,

And do I ever think to praise,

Jesus, my Savior, for giving His life,

That I could know Heavenly Days!



Sure, Heavenly days In Heaven above,

All because God became flesh.

Preached, healed, then died on a hideous cross,

That I may start life a fresh.



the Sam 08.13.12

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