Men speak and write of the vastness,

So great is God’s creation!

But I have yet to see or hear limitless,

Only a dimension.



Are there great walls way outstanding,

As I once thought there were?

In my younger years, could not fathom,

A never-ending, for sure.



Limiting God to mere finiteness,

Can be ever so wrong!

Man is sure limited on earth,

Like, this is where we belong?



For now time is what?  I am ninety-four.

Could I live to a hundred?

Of course!  But not too much longer,

Except Spirit unhindered.



Unhindered as it will be soon, someday

I shall be, like, Him then!

For then I shall, “see Him as He is!”

Of course, I cannot tell when-



Then consider God without beginning!

This as it has to be!

I cannot consider old white haired man sitting,

Beneath some Banyan tree!



Our God of vastness, no endlessness!

Without, “Beginning or end!”

“Always was and always will be,” Why

Did He then condescend–



To become as he did, like, unto man,

And was it truly love?

Indeed it was!  “For God  s o loved,

He gave…”  Did not need a shove!






Some paratroopers, like,  froze  in the door,

Me scared but jumped anyway!

No shove required, for seven jumps all told.

Sure, all I could do was pray!



the Sam, paratrooper, W. W. II

but this admission  08.08.12

One thought on “LIMITLESS-NESS

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