A death ending death, surely not impossible!

Fact is:  must die to end it, is that what Jesus meant when He said,

“Touch Me not, I have not—I have not yet ascended

“To My Father!”  Spirit-life cannot contend it!



So real!  Nor can we understand,

Though we pretend to do so.

Spirit-life apart from the flesh,

A language barrier?  No!



We in the flesh cannot quite fathom,

Spirit language apart

From life in the Spirit, though we pretend

To do so, a-la-carte.



A communication barrier,

Excepting Jesus who said,

After His death appearing declared,

“I have not ascended,” but led—



“500 who would declare that He truly lived,

Proclaim the death of death

To the saints gathered at Hill of Ascension.

No doubt to those He left.



That He truly would extend communication,

To all believers still growing,

Though dead still speaking to all the saved

His great love, still showing!



“Go ye into all the world and preach,”

Sure, that was His command.

So as we have the Scripture contending,

That He lives now, demand!



That we go!  Speaking through every tongue,

The good news of His return.

Yet, “I will not leave you  comfortless”.

Now  the Holy Spirit’s turn!



Of course, He is real!  He speaks to us,

Ever since the Pentecost.

The true Words of Life evermore!

Find it!  To save the lost!



(Counting the cost?  Sure, we have eternity!  The everlasting, Sam!

If you believe you will.)



Sure, Sam I am

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