gods BUT GOD

Ancient gods of the Greeks tried to capture,

Some attributes of The One.

The Only One Creator of all things,

Who rested when all was done!



Even just the thought of doing it all,

On land and in the sea,

Or whatever attempting, trying to duplicate

All that happens to be!



Then above it all in never-ending space,

And are other planets peopled?

So why are there so many churches about?

Some do not even have steeples.



Many such questions keep floating about,

Avoiding the main issues.

Which is, what will you do about God?

Everyone knows this is true!



Savages, sure, and they who know not,

Do question the unknown.

Conscience considered unreliable!

But does show they are prone–



To question the good from not so good

And attempt to avoid the not!

Though attempt is weak, still it is there,

And leads one to yet deeper thought!



Of who out there contemplated all this?

Sure, somebody bigger that I,

And what will happen to me, if I change?

Where will I go when I die?



the Sam

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