That officer on the sidelines,

Mean one, just standing there,

Hard to believe he is crying!

Was hated beyond compare!



Putting troops through their paces

Recall his favorite yell

“Pick-up them snowshoes you feather merchants!”

“Give up, you will go to hell!”



Weeping!  Did not care who saw him!

Someone asked, “Why  he cried?”

We were told, many troops he had trained

Would not return, would die!



He stood apart, while others there

Drank  the evening away,

Laughing over a trooper there who

Just had to pray!



No laughter from him, he felt their pain.

Trooper who longed for home

But tough exterior, of course, won out!

Forget it!  Leave it alone!



He was paid to be tough, mean and rough!

Make the boys hate me, so

They will not mind my cussing them out!

Tough Sargent, way to go!



But there he stood, watching weeping,

Over troops who would die!

Die for their country, never return!

Cared not who saw him cry!



Sure that is him, had to be tough!

How those tears make him loved!

Understanding preparation to war!

Not the pushing and shove.



In God’s army, pure encouragement!

Lifetime of that needed!

New news in Christ, stay that way awhile!

Babies we are conceded!



But stay there in Christ no matter what!

Main thing, God wants you there!

Why He died on that horrific cross?

His love!  What can compare?



Nothing!  Ever!

(Time without ending)



Sam (not the only one who said it!)

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