So bless the sky and dark blue

Of the ocean depths!

The birds flying high above

And the fish are not bereft!



In between man plays his tricks!

Eating fish from the sea

And plane fights so high above.

Never content to be—



Earthbound while animals are free

Undaunted by desire

To take to the sky blue heights or

Ever yet start fires!



Sure as it should be!  Man dominates!

Creatures above and below

Of course, the wild serpents

And that mighty whale below.



So much on Earth and in the sea

Is usable to man and

Did not our God plan it so?

He did!  And man can!



“Man shall have dominion over all.”

Not cannibalistically!

Or in war, to bury the killed!

Greedy for gain unjustly!



But above all man does need God!

Not just prohibitively.

But to inhabit, to cultivate soul.

Soil greedy for seed!



God to worship, to realize

Emptiness over all.

For we are eternal creatures!

And in this issue we rise or fall!



Heaven is!  We are everlasting!

Surely God made us so!

Are we not certain eternal guides?

Where do we aim to go?



Other place I do not care to mention,

Save to assure, it exists!

My aim through the Christ who died for me,

Inherit that land of pure bliss!



I have been promised!



The Sam 07.27.12

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