Some called me that,

Though I uttered not a word!

In combat I behaved dangerously!

Sure, stuff they had heard!



“He takes chances,” Squad Leader

Knew a bit of my past!

Prediction calmed me down a bit

When I heard, “He will not last!”



But some stupid stuff I did,

Like, waving a grenade

In plainest view of the enemy!

Down out of the shade.



Then planting it, like, inviting them to,

Like, come and disengage!

This trap I had set below our troops

A simple hand grenade.



I stayed awake, soon footsteps heard!

Could not resist, tossed one.

Double explosion!  “Oh, it’s just Sam.”

Someone said, “War is not fun!”



No, war is not fun, exciting at times,

Some of us made it so.

For certain God had a hand on me

Chances I took below.



Though far from God, just my thing

With Him protecting each day.

Sure, both aware of my call to preach

When war was over to stay!



In war or peace nothing better

Than dwelling in His will!

Sure, living in the center of,

I am 93 and still—

Preaching through my poetry!



Sam, I am  07.24.12

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