The ocean depth a mile in

Some places, it is said,

So how about four plus

Some measured, now dead!



But, of course, it is common knowledge

Blue!  The depths!  Oh, so blue!

Then I gazed at the sky!  So cloudless

Sure, forever it is and the view!



Beautiful!  The view forever!

So consistent the depth!

Try endless the never-endingness!

With nothing forever left!



Sure, did God have a beginning?

Pre-existent is the word!

Of course, our minds get befuddled

Listen up!  He is God!



The One, the Only Creator, He

Always was!  And is!

Only ‘I AM’ to ever exist!

I AM:  “That I AM”  It is—



The Only Truth if truth ever was!

Who can explain deity?

Godhead, not an elucidation

My Jesus, I truly see!



Eyes of faith, sense the Holy Spirit and

God!   Can I question there?

He who ‘Walks with me and talks with me.’

The Three are just One, compare.



Nothing to compare, my God above

The Three are the One!

Yes, One with God the Spirit, now

Indwelling and the crucified Son!



the Sam 07.23.12

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