The beauty that God has created,

Just open your eyes and see!

So green the grass, who painted it?

And that beautiful leafy tree!



Sure, God alone could make all that!

To quote another poet,

“Only God could make that tree!”

And all about God did it!



Mount Everest, sure, and Kanchenjunga,

Nearing six-thousand feet high!

How can they not understand The

God who will never die?



And always was imagination

Staggers realizing the thought!

Of a God who had no beginning!

Yet man is loved and sought!



He created us, why He feels it:

The responsibility!

Did Jesus die for nothing up there?

On that horrible tree?



So why then did He suffer and die?

Of course, we know that He did!

‘Foxes have holes,’ but Jesus had no

Place to lay His head!



Then the very worst of torture,

Dangling by nails, named

Crucifixion.  Responsibility lies on

All mankind, to be blamed!



Man’s sins put Him there on that cross!

We are responsible!

Life so full, man of sorrows called

His suffering:  complete and full!



He endured for the joy set before Him,

The joy of His home above.

Is that not a part of our exportation?

Sure, He is the God of love!



The only God!  The Creator of all!

I do not worship high mountains!

Or the sun!   Or the solar system!

God who did contends!



the Sam knows it!  07.18.12

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