Of course, I was a Believer

But living far, far from Him!

That was my way of thinking,

But wrong, so wrong and dim!



Far, so far from acknowledging

He was ever by my side!

No!  He never left me!

Just one little word:  abide!



We fail to abide in Him, but

Does He ever reject?

All my life!  He protected this boy

But to no effect.



I, of course, aware as always!

Rebellion kept me away!

Did my own thing, there is little

Just too little more to say!



W. W. II, I invited the foe,  “Come get this grenade!”

On a path below, in plainest view, below our well hidden grade.

Our Company, 4 squads in all, they well hidden by trees and growth.

Trees, bushes…like, twenty feet above paths approach.



I planted that banger, of course, they could see.

Main part of my plan was, they must see me!

Quite sure they were out of grenades and would desire.

We kill bunch of Yanks!  With their own fire!



Sure it was a gamble, but I was so right!

Jap leader sent an expendable sure, middle of the night!

I kept extra grenade for bigger bang and more noise!

Double bang accepted as I then tossed mine.  So–



And I heard from far end, “Oh, it was just, Sam.”

Did God use this as just part of the end?

Of the fighting?  Sure, this I contend!

And sure correctly now on our way home.

Next day the news came, exalting, not alone!



Did God lead?  “They that dwell in the secret place on Most High,

Shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty!!”



Not me  07/17/12

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