Communication real as spirits commune.

Early one morning in my bed,

“What made you do it?”  I asked about His death.

Love the answer, clearly said.



Pure love sent me to that cross long ago,

To suffer and die in your place.

There are few words to express the meaning

And one of those words is Grace!



But why the cross?  Most cruxes of any!

Despicable way to die!

Hanging by spikes!  Six hours you suffered.

Shudder to think, then I cry!



Truly you suffered!  My God!  Once you cried,

“Why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

Aware of the pain, nor did God allow comfort

On that Cross Tree!



I suffered, sure, and since times inception,

Of course, cringing at the thought,

But for agony the true reality of

The mindless torture I brought.



Reminding truly of torture forever

One would suffer in Hell!

No reprieve there, timeless unceasing!

Can any endlessly tell?



Consider:  thousand years, just beginning!

That you would suffer in Hell!

No reprieve there!  And without ceasing!

Can one endlessly tell?



Consider:  thousand years, just beginning,

Suffering the Devils torture!

His knowledge of fun!  He invented it,

No end to the disaster!



My choice:  Heaven with endless joy!



Sure the Sam (eternity)

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