The wind is a mighty force, truly!

Whether subdued or cyclonic,

Laboring in fields in times past

Its presence truly ironic.



As youngsters with hoes sent to the fields

A steady draft longed for!

And when we got the cooling affect

Thanked God, por favor.



Whether we thanked Him or were just thankful,

Though difference is not mute.

Recognition of God’s hands in all good things

Truly the proper commute!



The way to go!  In service times past

Expression clearly felt

Whether ecstatic or a bit subdued,

It was known what was meant!



Service, combat, the cease fire when ordered

True greeted with happy cheers!

War over!  The enemy surrendered!

Ending combative fears!



“Way to go!”  Not that expressionless

Of course, happily felt!

Warring winds ceased and the jot complete!

Christians wept as they knelt.



The ‘Winds of War’ though mighty the breeze of

Peace was stronger still!

The breeze-wind, cease fire, computing

To settlements of will!



Memory lingers, an enemies joy

Ecstatic, his look betrayed.

Greeting me through flimsy wire fence

War over!  He not dismayed!



(He was overjoyed)

Enemy, of course, no more, would have

Hugged me but for the wire fence!



The Sam remembering



P.S. I cannot ever forget that Japanese prisoner’s joy

Was he a Daisy Nakada convert?

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