Days, some longer now and why is that so?

Does not it portend, whole bunch we do not know.

Sure natural explanations, of course, love

Contending God’s mysterious,  His ways above!



When our solar system moves to sway

Leave nightfall, beginning a brand new day!

Cannot we contend God’s plan is so?

Sound sleep needed so to help us grow!



Then making a living the wheels keep turning

Way into the night, of course, candles burning

Night shift and later through morning hours.

Sure constantly as the time devours.



But eating more!  Just to keep us going!

And going the rounds, age soon showing!

Tired?  It tells you, you need more rest!

Age creeping up that when it is best to slow–



The pace, the strain admittedly on God’s Grace

Failure to rest, one day from the pace,

Strenuous.  Could take its toll.

Not getting younger as the days roll!



Forgetting at times, wonders God designed.

The small, microscopic, more than one of a kind

Ocean and on land tiny creatures behold!

Then roaring skies out there, God is in control!



the Sam knows it!  Do you?

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