W. W. II, Dig it!  Philippine Isles,

I am the scout, yes the only!

Could not kill me, so I kept the job!

Leading, sure, I felt lonely!



Of course, W. W. II, older that sin.

I could be only one left!

Scouts all killed off, 1st and 2nd then!

So I filled both spots, bereft!



The forest, jungle, Negros the Island!

Last one Japanese held,

Yes, last and desperate to keep it.

Dug-in, they were shelled.



American troops, of course, logistically

Shelled!  We had bombs to spare!

Soften the enemy, artillery knew

They did not have a care!



A way back behind the infantry,

Target within 5 miles.

Scored, oh yes, they were good,

Trajectory compiles–



So much the loss of explosives, they were

For enemy always dug-in.

Caves, fortifications, they had dug

And as neat as a pin!



Dug-in, sure, lots of time to dig for

What they had planned to keep!

But sadly for them it was the very last of

Their plunge, to take the leap.



Cigarette Joe?  Sure, we all were Joe.

They fenced in behind wire

Fabricated a lumber yard, fenced in,

A happy Japanese conspired.



If cigarette was all he wanted, he got!

Sure, that is all it took.

Glad to surrender!  A Christians should be!

To Jesus, it is in the book.



Surrendering to Jesus, your happiest day!

No!  He does not give smokes!

As His captive, I am free forever!

And pure joy always invokes!



Delivered from smokes and enemies power

Freed from Hell, his home,

Deliverance from vile habits, He gives and

You will never walk alone!



the Sam knows 07.10.12

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