Sam does not observe no holidays

Nor the grammar proper.

Everyone is still in his bed,

Do not even hear a chopper.



Must be a special day, at least!

Of course, it is the July the four!

Noticed when I had devotions!

Thanks and por favor.



This boy does not stay in bed past 6:00,

Guess because it is light outside!

Six a.m., I am as restless as pigs and

Bed’s not the place to hide.



Well lookie here, I am restless at three

I pray then “Lord, help me sleep!”

He is gracious sure!  And the answer comes,

Sure better than counting sheep!



It is said, old folk do not need a bunch

And walking says that I am old!

But my head is still clear enough.

Poetry is good!  I am told!



Many who say they, like, dig poetry

Ask, “Why do not you publish?”

Sure, I used to when I needed the dough,

Then that was another dish.



Ever a time when it is not?

But thank God for pensions.

Wife paid for every meal for us five

Why now do I mention?



This for 2 weeks Hawaii Isle’s

She is good at saving the buck.

Came across for meals everyday

For every meal she was stuck.



But dependent we are and sure grateful!

For a government caring,

Old-age pensions quite adequate

Helping out in the sharing!



My God I thank, though most of all!

Supplying every need!

Did Heaven ever fail?  I CHALLENGE!

To clothe and to feed?!



But I am always dependent on Him!

the Sam 4th of July

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