Did ever worms turn to snap at the hand,

Pulling it out of the dirt?

The worm, the man!  And yes, many times

Then does God’s loving Spirit hurt?



Yes!  The hurt took Him to calvary!

To take every sinner’s place!

“Wages of sin is death!”  So He died!

Sinner, we are saved by His Grace!



Cannot we perceive this most simple truth?

That made God die instead

Of sinners doing the sinning

Salvation’s Freedom Fed…



Christ, on a cross, delivering all

Who simply raise a hand

Admitting failure, yes to God!

To join that happiest band–



Of the Saints forever delivered from

Misery of eternal Hell.

Jesus died whispering, “I took your place.”

Saved!  Now, all is well!



Such love, of course, it cannot be grasped!

Sole Creator!  God over all!

Did ever a love like this, include earth?

Since Adam took the fall?



For all who ever said a ‘Yes’ to God,

Even condemned criminals, still coming

Whispering, “God forgive me, please.”

Since One on a cross not shunning.



Of the three crosses, sure Christ reached

And did He ever see

Happier criminal dying in pain?

Ecstatic through misery!?



the Sam  07.02.12

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