Does God permit unexpected events

To fray the future with change?

And would we not attempt straightening them out?

Our times to rearrange?



Of course!  For we are so predictable.

Do not relish much the change!

A well-ordered life we would eschew!

With nothing to rearrange!



The besides, the changes we resist.

That, like, takes the breath away!

Surprises, the shock, life often brings

Death what more to say!



Sure, life would be so contained, so secure

With sorrows banished away!

And if we could do away with death

This what of heaven we say!



“Oh, death, where is thy sting?” (record)

(Remember, do not forget.)

“Oh grave, thy victory is banished!”

Eternity cannot contest!



As my father promoted to the skies

Sure, smiling down on his child.

Approbation!  And encouragement at

His successes, though so mild!



What was he saved from?  Death proclaimed?

How can anyone foretell?

Leave that all to God, who delivers

Rescues His child from Hell!



Old Sam 06.08.12

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