Of course, rough going!  Not in heaven yet!

Does God help along in spite of mind-set?

We struggle against!  But deliverance ever!

He never fails us, never fails to deliver!



Such a happy childhood until father died!

India, in a rowboat, wide river, crocodiles

I reached out for what I thought was a river wild plant

A crocodilian nose waiting to devour.



Recognition then as my father’s oar

Lifted my hand, well that’s what oars are for!

Then it came down with a resounding whack!

Reptile disappeared but soon it came back!



Got under the boat to tip is over!

Uncle Fred, with his shotgun, no not over!

Shot that huge tail, disappeared in a flash!

Went down for a tail-nursing and did not come back.



Many such incidents:  mother, one night

Saw wide eyes approaching, wide and bright!

Mother screamed!  Panther disappeared!

Positive it was a panther, villagers feared!



Such incidents happened, sure many a time!

Life expectancy?  Would not give a dime!

For longevity, with disease and such!

Disease took my father, I loved so much!



Turned my back on God!  Was He teaching me,

His fatherhood over all humanity?

Not satisfied!  My own loving dad,

For years, embittered sad heart, turned bad!



Sure, I returned!  His love drew me in!

After spent too much time in sin!

Sinful habits, vary hard to break!

Who say otherwise, my own huge mistake!



Now 90 years later, here I am, living for Him.

He who died to save me from every sin.

Preparing for heaven, what else is there?

Heaven’s bliss with others share!



 Where the Sam is going, thank God!

“Oh, come and go with me to my Father’s house!”


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