A torturous death He claimed for me

Dangling up there on that cross-tree!

He took it and yet, hear that hoarse cry,

“My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”



A Godhead presumed not amplified

Trinity planning side by side!

Just one God!  So how can this be?

Father, Son, Holy Spirit to abide…



And yet as One; The Triune perfection

Together, as One, yet with varying functions,

As God, The Father, created all things

Son, Holy Spirit, keep from corruption!



The Son was killed assuming sin’s penalty,

A death so hideous!  But did it for me!

And you, if you receive His forgiveness!

This is the Father’s solemn decree!



“For God so loved the world, that He gave

His only Son,” to die, to save

A world lost in sin, undeserving yet

Forever a sinner’s grave!



To live forever in that Heavenly Realm

And silence Satan, who would yet condemn!

Through Holy Spirit empowering within

Comforting ever and to defend!



Holy Spirit sent and abiding still!

Indwelling comforter, as you will,

Accept Him and His super assist!

Third person of the Trinity to fill!



It is a peaceful settlement given you

Another comforter promised, nothing to do,

But accept Him, just say, “Thank you, Lord!”

He will lead you into all truth!  Promised true!

(John 14:16-19)



the Sam

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