I feel strength waning, being hard to walk!

Oh, yes, for quite awhile!

Hearing about gone, just left ear left!

But there is still a smile!



And why not, when heaven is waiting!

I surely mean, “Why not?”

Delivered from sin!  Walking in light!

Sinning all but forgot!



Oh, once in awhile there’s a temper flare,

Old man taking a stand.

But nothing will keep me from joining that

Everlasting band!



I played a mean trumpet a time ago

Many comments received,

Did not need notes, played by ear!

Is Heavenly Band conceived?



Played lead, one year, in a traveling quartet!

Best sound I have ever heard!

This from a Salvation Army trumpeter

A part of me transferred!



Into that horn, sure came out naturally,

Seems I did not need to think.

Like my voice, those keys decreed

What to do in a blink!



The false-teeth put an end to that!

Kissed that trumpet good-bye.

Believe the best friend I ever had!

In heaven, I will know why.



Sure, Gabriel will say, “Saved a spot for you,

“Do the lead!  I will harmonize!”

Can you believe that sweetest sound!

You will hear!  Never dies!



the Sam 06.06.12

Think of it, Heavenly Band!

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