They called me Sky Pilot and Holy Joe!

Preach, Padre, Rev., but how did they know?

Al, squad leader, like told them some escapades!

How I, in plain view, waved and planted that grenade!



Yes, waved as they watched from their cave down there.

I pressed back up to my tree root there,

Could see their hidden den from rooted tree,

Did not care to acknowledge that they could see me!



I waited and listened holding hand grenade,

As I fearfully hoped I could make the grade.

Small space through brush about ten-feet above,

I prayed hard sure, when push comes to shove!



I had cursed a blue streak with the others about,

At times when angered I could really shout!

Of course, sure they knew I had spilled my, like, guts

Bad language included!  Terrible ruts!



Squad Leader told all, after I left

To find a deep hole where I nearly slept

Then a Trouper dropped in, sure, it was his hole!

“Reverend,” he started, then I knew Al told!



To back track, while waiting with hand grenade

In the dark of night, faint footsteps came

Our men were all asleep, Al softly snoring

So quiet the night it was almost boring!



Then when I felt they were directly, like, under

I tossed that grenade through that space like thunder!

Both grenades went off!  A brief silence!  Then,

Officer screaming, “% $ ! and # % !,” from enemy den!



Sweet success, rest of the night I stayed awake!

Breathed a prayer of thanks for Jesus’ sake!

No sleep at all for the rest of the night

Then borrowed foxhole, yes, a sleepless night

Al smiling came!  “Move out,” so bright.



It was the only night that it was only I, which I could remember!

No sleep, not even a wink or slumber!

First night in six months, no sleep for me!

Even in two-foot of water for free!



S. Cox  12.09.10

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