Well, actually, everlasting

Only God is eternal!

Only God could boast, forever was!

Only He supernatural!



Of course, we will live forever!

Never dying we!

Formed with souls from beginning

To end mortality!



Adam and Eve cast out of The Garden,

Lost on efficacy

Lost the everlasting feature of

Life abundantly!



‘Banqueting Table’ is a puzzle

Think the association has

Reference to feast containing,

No need to elimination…



Life everlasting puzzling thought?

No longer a puzzle to me

Older I get, clearer it is!

My life eternally!



Conditioning, it is all about!

Older I get I see

Impulses functioning to lead

To immortality!



How can a soul immortal die?

Think, Spirit everlasting

God created to perish?  Never!

With animals contrasting…



They were created for our profit, pleasure,

We love a pet but goodbye

We do miss them once departed

But face it, they die!



Man’s soul immortal, of course it is!

Even dreams sometime figure,

That we will live, like, lastingly

Far brighter and better!



“For God so loved the world (of people) that

Whosoever believeth (in accepting Him) should

Not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16



In that far off sweet forever!



Just me S.H.C.  12.08.10

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