Jesus is all the world to me!

What more could I desire?

The things of earth have grown quickly dim!

Nothing left to inspire!



His Grace, His love there is nothing more

This side of Heaven’s  shore.

Food?  Why bother to eat anything?

Just worship the One I adore!



He who created everything

Yes, the never dying soul,

Giving life more abundantly!

All life is in His control!



Souls that perish, there is no such thing!

Live on eternally!

Man created to never die!

Live on everlastingly!



Soul is the spirit of life!

Body only will perish!

Real life is found in the Spirit!

This only I will cherish!



Older I get, more Spirit lives!

Heaven’s Eternity!

Fly with the eternal creatures!

Angelic Host I see!



An angel’s smile reveals it all!

Happiest people alive!

Positive aiding the souls of men

So glad I am on their side!



Sam Cox 12.07.10

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