Yes, I fought and killed in the war,

That “war to end all wars.”

David killed thousands, first Goliath,

Heathen, raged, David deplored.



Civil war, not at all civil!

Often, Christians killed Christians, too.

Army today you are not your own man!

You do what you have to do!



“Thou shalt not kill!”  Now, how explain

The Army wants you now!

But I conscientiously object.  (*)

A shady mark you allow.



Defend your country, you are called to keep it

“Safe for democracy!”

I did then “War to end all wars.”

To be forever free?



Only one place we can find that true,

That is God’s forever reign!

Maybe you are thinking, “boring it will be.”

You need to think again!



My God who created the heavens and earth

With all that they contain

With that Angel who watched over you

Yes, brother best think again!  (**)



Forests of trees, cows milk we love

Stars, planets ending never!

With all there is to investigate,

Brother, we will need forever!



A forever God made forever worlds!

No end, foreverness!

Happy!  Unspeakable, full of glory!

Beginning of joy and bliss!



Understandable to early risers,

Work starts at dawns early light.

You think you can spend eternity

Flying with Angels bright?



(*)   I volunteered in the Army Paratroops

(**) Think I will know my guardian angel?

About my size but faster than that speeding

bullet that nearly got me.



Sam Cox  –  now

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