When father died, my Father in Heaven

Declared, “You are not alone!

For I will protect and supply every need!”

I declared, “Rather have my own!”



Bad!  True!  At just 8 years of age!

Year of nineteen-twenty-six,

Back to boarding school and Billy Nelson’s

Stories!  Really needed that fix.



And I needed that awe inspiring sight!

Of the eternal snows

From East to Far West, that dazzling sight!

That when you first see it grows!



Despite attitude, God still loved me!

Proof?  Submitted  crucified!

Gave His life!  Forget agony!

Easy to accept He died!



Deliberate sacrifice that we might live!

For my father’s demise, I still cried.

Sure, did not mean much to me then, that time!

The Son of God crucified!



And now, only real meaning remains

Christ and Him crucified!

Of course, miraculous birth celebrated!

Reason, once more applied!



But since long ago, a gradual ploy on my

Thoughts, my mind making change,

Result of the suffering Savior, His cross,

Like, attitude re-arranged.



Real love for the suffering dying Lord

As though for my sins alone

His blood shed, bore my sins and shame

For me, my sins, did atone!



Atonement made at one-ment with Father God

Through His sin, for my sin,

Personal not just a wholesome deal

I knew then cleansing within!



A look at that cross now I weep, realize

As though just my sins He died,

As though His Heart broken, just for me.




Yes, me my sins.  Sam Cox  12.16.10

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