I am sure God loves me.  I question, why

I was born, I grew up, and then die?

But that is not all!  Through all this mess

What happens next?  I believe consciousness—



That knows no death, life takes over, begins

A new consciousness!  The Spirit within

Finds immediate release and takes its flight!

Through night and day, where there is no night!

Proceeds to that Kingdom of bright SONlight!



Then immediate joy, yes bliss, transcends

All dross is consumed and Jesus contends.

His death on the cross was for all my sin

This realization takes place within.



That since He is risen, I too shall live,

In a containment of spirit of new life.

Where evil is forgotten along with all strife!

No struggles, no worries since Jesus is King!

Where peace is forever!  New life within!



So what of the old life?  It is crucified!

In new life, with Him, I will forever reside!

In that fair land where no sin can contend!

Since Satan is bound forgotten…The END!






Sam Cox  10.06.09, Still just 91.

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