Do not focus on the problem

Unless you aim to stay

Within that messy problem

To ponder all the day!



The problem cannot solve itself,

Fact is neither can you!

You will still be caught within it!

No matter what you do!



There is a Problem Solver and

He is One you can afford!

He knows you and the problem!

So take it to the LORD!



That devil you are fighting,

You cannot win, you know!

That enemy is stronger

Let God destroy your foe!



When every hope has vanished

Find all help has flown,

The Lord had always been there

For you to lean upon!

(So leave it with the Lord!  Focus on!)



A simple word was all He needed

To heal the sick, the lame!

To cleanse a sinner, His blood applied!

And that is why He came!



A simple word, a broken heart

All covered over with shame,

He died to save us from our sins!

So Jesus is His name!



A simple word, they laid Him out

Upon a cruel frame!

We sinned!  He did not!  But that is why

The Sinless took our blame!



  •                          A simple word:  a manger bed
  •                               A simple word:  a carpenter’s shed
  •                                    A simple word:  a cruel frame
  •                                         A simple word:  a cross of shame
  •                                                   Can we then remain the same?



Sam Cox 11.10.10

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