Sure, there is peace in my heart!

Though how it got there

Is anyone’s guess, but then

Sure, I will share!



Even in the Islands,

Picked off one by one,

Four of us left often

And when it is all done–



Just four, about a fire

Fabrica in view,

But there is no more Fabrica now

Only forest growth, too!



That was World War Second!

Any more left?

Back then I could hear well!

But now I am near deaf!



The Philippine Islands then

I was twenty-seven,

I am 93 now!  Sure and much

Closer to heaven!



Wonder did any make it?

Cummerford?  Floto?

Rocky?  Al?  So many forgotten

Of course I was low—



In the preaching department.

Though thy called me,  Preach!

Oh and Padre and Sky Pilot, way

Too high to reach!



I must have done something right

Though not much I must admit!

Sadly poor as a witness!

The Preach did not fit!



Cone on, Sky Pilot and was that

Like, a Godly hint?

To actually, like, be that?   Was

My heart in a splint?



I failed them as a witness!

I led no one up!

How could any offer to this

Empty cup?



My gracious Lord does forgive!

He remembers sins not!

But forget?  How can I ever,

This permanent blot!



Oh, forgive!



the Sam 05.22.12

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