Propaganda?  No!  I just preach!

What God has called me to do!

I am way too old to have a church!

So poems the avenue!



They are not for sale, just give away!

Gospel according to me!

Same Gospel I hear every Lord’s Day!

Except I write poetry!



My gig just the way I am!

David my hero knows!

He wrote songs, so son Solomon!

David true wisdom bestows!



Then Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John!

Given to prose in fact.

Telling it like it really did!

Sure, they make real contact.



Priceless the history of Jesus my Lord!

Read it!  According to John!

Priceless repeating the other 3 for

Accuracy.  Upon–



Which to build Christian faith!

Four Gospels and all agree,

Jesus is all we need!

To lead to real love and life free!



An everlasting life with

Christ’s Kingdom.  Then,

Of course, Paul tells us how to get there

Saved from destroying them.



Then there is the Revelation

From the Patmos Isle!

John, boiled in oil and ejected,

John they could not defile!



Revelation of the future!

Though well hidden from some,

Pictorial, of course, figurative of

When man’s day is done!



Day, not as before, but sparkling new!

A new  d a y unending!

For all true Believers to

Gods’ Heaven sending!



Unspeakable, unknowable

Except to suggest,

Space forever!  Planets, too!  As

Spirits new conquest!



So “brighten that corner where you are!”

No!  Get out of that corner,

Heaven unending, oh, yes by far!



As space is unending, God fills it to

Get out of that corner, only below.



I am going higher some day!

the Sam soon!

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