Success not attained by making more!

Wealth can satisfy for but a day,

And when that day is ended it is all over!

Vanished!  That bird flew away!



Eternity that is where the soul is heading!

Body but a room, no permanence.

Sure, that house that God supplies creditable!

Not to deny its continence.



For “we are fearfully and wonderfully made!” (*)

Just for a season then we perish!

Though Spirit, Soul, lives on forever!

Farewell to that friend long cherished!



Eternity will smile in recollection of

That brief 90 years we spent,

So then we wonder, did we spend it wisely?

Time that God so kindly lent.



Or did we fritter it away foolishly

Like, some foolish folk at play?

Did we not have fun but later are sorry?

Wasted moments for but a day!



Tomorrow’s day extends forever!

Our loving God, the punishment,

Shows joy at times, cherished memories

Through sorrows as it was meant.



Forgetting God unwisely, our Creator,

He smiled with us, did we forget?

His love continues though we oft forfeit

Sustaining love He loves us yet!



We make mistakes we sin, oh so often!

And do not deny a sin in itself!

“All have sinned…” and yes, we repeat daily!

Nor does pride stay on the shelf!



“She made me do it…”  Forgot how to say no

Adam and Eve clear forgotten?

“That woman You gave me, made me do it…”

Both in sin all begotten!



A soul lifted up in self-esteem

May protest, “I am not heathen!”

“All have sinned and come short…”



(*) Psalm 139:14



the Sam done it 05.22.12

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