I found a Christian Community in Mindanao,

Army of Occupation, I share,

First, Sendai port by the shipboard

We were greeted, real dog fight there!



G.I.’s thirsting for more action gathered around

Canine competition and for free!

So obvious they meant to kill each other!

We were battle weary, but must see!



G.I. Chaplin then plowed through spectators

Happened so fast, hard to conceive.

Grabbed the scrapping dogs, each by the neck skin

Threw them from the circle, believe!



We G.I.’s dumbfounded Chaplin disappeared

Admiration swelled at least here!

You guessed, I became his assistant!

Admiration mutual it would appear!



He had me lead a Bible study later

Fundamental me!  He like modernist!

While I presented Bible as very truth

Dumbfounded did he then join the list?



Of Believers?  Later it was more obvious

Seminary graduate compact!

His amazement was profoundly startling

“Sam, I-I never heard it like that!”



Garrett Biblical Seminary, what was taught there?

Give your students what they desire.

Like, If it’s a bunch of dumb G.I.’s,

Give them Heaven and Hell fire!



He just nodded sheepishly, “You got it.”

Much ashamed, he was to admit

Pure hypocritical the teaching there!

Hopeful that he took the truth to fit!



Years later, a church in Lindsay, California, Daisy Nakada, precious Saint, from that Christian town Mindanao, Japan.  High on the hills, Dr. Nakada but back to Lindsay, California.  Myself, Pastor, and Daisy paid a surprise visit to many Japanese farmers in that vicinity.  Daisy was aware and of our presence there, of course, we had her stay the while.  All I ever knew about the Doctor was that he practiced.  Daisy, the world traveler, educated state-side.



the Sam, also, worked traveler, uneducated 05.16.12

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