When waters rise and cover hills, mountains,

And barely a place to fly,

And carcasses, human and animals,

All of them floating by.



Birds, of course, so many of them

Feeding on carcasses there.

Waters completely covering,

Death around!  Everywhere!



Boat!  See a boat!  We will swim for it!

So far away!  Many drown!

Some try to scale smooth side of the Ark

Soon there is no life around!



Except in the water, fishes contend

Flourishing in the deep!

Those once floating soon are consumed!

They seem to never sleep!



How clear!  How bare the watery depths!

Save for that boat floating there,

There a man stands on the smooth deck!

Straight as a tree without care.



Head lifted high!  His arms reach out

In worship!  Tears now flow free!

New beginning!  As water recede,

I am here, Lord!  Family with me!



New beginning, God is smiling in love

No more anger,  just hope,

But man’s wickedness not soon forgot!

Sadly in sin they grope!



End to the sinning?  Only in heaven!

Satanic power the breach,

The joy so hard to consider now!

But through Calvary we reach!



the Sam, God helping, 05.17.12

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