Because He first loved me?

Is that why I love Him?

His death on Calvary.

So why did He not call the

Ten-thousand Angels for

Deliverance?  Watching by?

Angry in protest?

But no!  For us, He must die!

“Kill that ugly horde!”  Sure,

The angels  strained!

To wait for the command that

Never was proclaimed!

For it was God’s will that the

Savior should die!

For their sins and mine for

Did I not crucify?

Sure, it was my sins that nailed

The Christ up there,

While dying there for me, He cried in

Love without compare,

“Father!  Forgive them,”

It was His dying cry

For you, me, and all those

Just standing by.

“Greater love has no man,”

My only need, to write

His need to die for sinners all

Then crucified on sight!

Shall I crucify me Savior?

Sure, I did the deed!

Not realizing that my rejection

Planted the seed!

Many turned away from Him while

All the rest of them laughed!

Were not they as guilty as the

Worst of the chaff?

The mainstream of humanity

Who just turn away,

Perhaps they are believers all,

Just wait another day.



the SAM 05.16.12

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