How big our God?  How great is He?

Omnipotence the best word!

Meaning, He is all powerful!

Omniscient, too!  Sure, you have heard—



All wise too, knowing everything,

Just all there is to know!

Confucius, sure, and the D. Webster

God made them, put below.



King Canute once ordered the tide

To stay back!  Did not work!

He was not just a human  king

He was a silly  jerk!



Like many others same thought process

Since occupying a grave,

Maybe their bones still there, do not know!

Deterioration delayed?



Concerning the spirit, to live, always,

With just 2 places to go,

To Hell or to Heaven, reserved

For only those who, “Love Him so…”



Who love Him so much, lives they present

Their “bodies, living sacrifices

Holy acceptable to God…”  Who gave

Himself, His life, the price!



On a cross, most horrible death

Sadistic man could conceive,

But Jesus took it willingly.

Our sinful souls to receive!



Became small, of no reputation

To Hell, our souls with Him, there

Became sin, who never sinned!

Suffering beyond compare!



Sadistic mind invented that cross.

Suffering, they loved to see!

Tormenting the one suffering there

That Hill, Calvary!



My feet do not run anymore

Just my nose.  Feet a slow crawl!

“Sam won!”  Yes, I have heard that many times!

No prize, just plain, that is all!



Speedy Sam, now, I can barely crawl!

Oh, the cross I bear…

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